United With Christ of Malawi, Africa is made up of many Churches and the Arms of Jesus Orphanage is home to over 200 orphans.

The Republic of Malawi, located in south east Africa, is one of the worlds least developed countries.  Recently the economic situation has improved, Malawi remains in extreme poverty, has a low life expectancy, and high infant mortality.  The economy is primarily based on agriculture and approximately 10% of the population have electricity.

While Malawi remains one of the most evangelized countries in the world, it remains one of the least transformed.  The goal of United With Christ Malawi is to manifest the Kingdom of God such that every sector of Malawian society is affected by the wisdom of God's word and the grace and prosperity to which God's children are heirs.

Our Beginnings in Malawi

In 1995 a missions team on a whirlwind tour through Africa stopped at a small village in Migowi, Malawi.  After the meeting, one man stepped forward to receive the gift of salvation these missionaries offered.  His name is McMore Salima.  Before leaving, a member of the team left his Bible with McMore.  Months later McMore sent a letter to an address that was in the Bible, to Chris Scarinzi. He spoke of how he had been reading the Bible and had many questions--he and the others from the three churches that he had started had many questions and were hungry for more of God.  And so United With Christ Malawi was born.  The following 20 years have been an amazing transformation as the Malawians in this ministry have gone from rags and starvation to prosperity and hope.

Active Orphanage Projects

  • Completion of security wall around orphanage
  • Purchase of front gate
  • Dig well deeper with commercial well drilling equipment so it doesn't run dry during dry season
  • Furnishings for orphanage to include beds
  • Increase base of monthly support to feed and care for orphans


100% of all funds contributed to the work Malawi are directed to Malawi.


Join with us as we push to spread the message of Sonship and win souls. Our goal is to continue teaching and training pastors to run churches and sustain the families that make up those churches.   We are continuously purchasing land and building new churches, not only in Malawi, but also in Mozambique and Tanzania.  Building the Kingdom of God takes resources and we are investing into and helping develop business initiatives for these pastors and local business men so that they can sustain their ministries and families.  Our long term objectives are to create ministry centers in different communities that will provide care on a broader scale for local churches in local communities throughout the region.  The word of God is powerful and trans formative.  His Kingdom is absolutely the solution to solving poverty, sickness, and brokenness in this region.


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