Leadership Team

Apostolic Leaders Chris and Margie Scarinzi


      Chris, being the 5th child in a family of 10, always had a strong sense of family, so when he received the understanding of true "sonship" and the "Father" heart of God, he was determined to spread that message. He then heard the audible voice of God call him into full time ministry, and he has spent the last 29 years following that voice. Recently, Chris was called as an Apostle through the prophetic over his life and he is ready and willing to take on this next phase of what God has prepared for him.

     Margie has remained steadfast by Chris’ side as the fuel to his fire. She is a powerful minister and mentor, illuminating scripture and bringing freedom and boldness through prophecy. She

continues to empower people to step up and take their rightful place as joint heirs with Christ.


Associate Pastors Keith and Lori Kunow


    Pastors Keith and Lori Kunow have spent the past twenty years pouring into the lives of everyone they encounter. They began as youth leaders, encouraging teens to pursue an authentic relationship with God and equipping them for life ahead. It wasn’t long before their love for people and willingness to be active participants in God’s plans launched them into ministry.

    Today, they remain unconditionally devoted to people, offering valuable wisdom and insight into the complexities of life, marriage, and family. They’re motivation, always, is to see lives transformed by the love and goodness of God.



Worship Director

Eve Ropiecki

Children's Ministry


Richard + Bobette Friend


Sandy Clark

Youth Ministry Director Nicolette Roselli

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© Copyright United With Christ Church 2016
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